Residents of Zombo district resorts to herbs as remedies for corona.

Efforts to reach out to zombo district health officer Dr Mark Bramalli for comment went futile by  press time.

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Zombo District 

Reports from Zombo district indicate that the rate at which some residents are consuming some combination of ginger, lemon, tamarind, honey, and some herbs as remedies for coronavirus is increasing. 

Because of high demand, prices of items like ginger, lemon, tamarind amongst others have skyrocketed for the past few days at Paidha main market, which is the biggest market in  Zombo district.

From Zingili ward in Paidha town council, Kosta Nyingambe narrated why he left drinking some of the concoctions. 
"My friend calls me from Kampala. he told me to start drinking the mixture of tamarind and lemon to protect me from the corona. but I left after I was getting a lot of chest pain"

Tabu Elias jogo of Paidha town council talks about how some people are consuming the concoction in his neighborhood

"Really people are drinking things like lemon, tamarind, and many others, so doctors should help out people," said Tabu

Another mother from omua ward in Paidha town council who preferred anonymity said

"In our area, people are drinking lemon,tangawuzi, onions amongst others ".

These reports have elicited series of ideas and views from different members medical fraternity across Zombo district.

The assistant in charge Paidha health center 111, Mr. Thomas Otim cautioned residents about the possible dangers of overconsumption of plants and fruits like lemons, ginger, tamarind amongst others.

"They are taking very many bitter things..take it normally, though you can increase on the frequency..let the concentration be the normal way you have been taking it. Am told people are taking marijuana now..we are going to develop a lot of complications. if you have any health complication..go to the nearby health facilities for help" Otim said

The clinical officer of Paidha medical clinic in Paidha town council Mr. Samuel Ajuna detailed that, those foodstuffs help in boosting body immunity but should be consumed at a recommended level.

"The big thing is putting on a mask and boosting our immunity by eating those our meals like ginger, lemon, tamarind at least after taking a meal to prevent ulcers," Said Ajuna

Jerry Mungujakisa, a chemistry teacher of Jang Okoro seed secondary school in Abanga sub-county said " these foods rich in vitamins are good for boosting the immune system and fighting coronavirus but there's no evidence that they can prevent or cure the disease, so let's eat these foods, drink a lot of water, exercise and most importantly observe the s.o.p s".

Efforts to reach out to Zombo district health officer Dr. Mark Bramalli for comment went futile by press time.

According to the ministry of health and world health organization, no herbal remedies have been validated for use to prevent or treat covid-19 globally because herbal remedies or medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances that are developed mostly through a process with minimal or no respect for good clinical practice. Rwothomio Mike Jabila

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